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About Kiss Our Darnassus
KOD was formed by Geekyhunter and SnwTotem in April 2011. We were server transfers from Thunderlord. We saw a need to create a  guild that had a fun and relaxed environment. Our primary focus is PVE RAID CONTENT. We do however have very extremely skilled players who rank as a groups on our Battlenet. KOD is not your ordinary guild. This will first be noticed when accepted into the guild and placed @ your rank of Snoodler. It is important that you understand we have a good time with our humor and try to keep things on the light side. Our officers are top notch decision makers. Most are either in the military or have served. Promotions come fast for those who dedicate the time and leadership for their class. We have an extensive knowledge of WOW; and the majority of leadership have been playing since wow came out. We keep a 14 day policy for all members (except alts). This allows a true snapshot of guild members and status. If you go on vacation, no problem. Just let one of us know! We look forward to seeing your application, and look forward to downing bosses with you!
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